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When will payment be charged and deducted from my payment method?

At Sanity.com.au we process and deduct payment once the order has been shipped. We do not take payment when the order is placed. You will receive email notification once the order has been shipped.

How will I be charged if my order is partially shipped (separate parcels)?

If your order contains ‘In Stock’ items and items currently not in stock, these orders will be automatically held for 7 days to allow for the remaining items to arrive. If the remaining items do not arrive within this time your order will be partially shipped.

For the first part of shipment the items may appear to be charged at full price. However any discounts and adjustments on the order will be applied to the final part of the order.

Should you notice any payment discrepancy on the final shipment of your order please contact us on 02 9774 8396 or enquiries@sanity.com.au to rectify the issue.

How do I check my order status?

You can check your order status by logging into My Account and selecting the relevant order. We will also regularly review your order and email you with up to date information on its status.

How do I change or cancel my order?

Your order can be changed or cancelled at any time before your order is shipped. Simply log in to My Account and select the appropriate option.

Alternatively, contact us to arrange cancellation of your order.

My order arrived damaged. What can I do about it?

Should your order arrive damaged or faulty, please contact us within 14 working days of your order being fulfilled and we will arrange an exchange or refund.

If any item in your order has a cracked jewel case (the clear DVD or CD case), contact us and we will ship you a replacement case at no extra charge.

I think my order has been lost in the mail. What should I do?

If your order is lost during shipment please contact us and we will endeavour to ship a replacement as soon as possible (depending on product availability); however, in order to confirm that an order has been lost, we must wait until the maximum delivery time has expired before replacing your order. It's also vital to ensure that you have provided us with the correct shipping address.

Note: Replacement items will be shipped at the cost of Sanity.com.au, except orders where an incorrect shipping address or other information has been provided.

Why pre-order? Can't I just buy it when it's released?

You can, but pre-ordering ensures that you guarantee yourself a copy and that it's shipped to you as soon as it's released. Pre-ordering means that you don't have to remember when a title is released—think set and forget—and it very often secures you an exclusive or bonus item with it (as advertised as part of the specific pre-order).

The title I'm after hasn't yet been released. How do I pre-order it?

Simply add it to your cart and process the payment as per normal. The item will be shipped to as soon as it's released.

I've changed my mind. Can I refund my purchase?

You may exchange or receive a refund on your purchase by retaining your invoice.

Please contact us with details of the item you wish to refund or exchange.

You may also exchange purchases made online by returning your purchase along with the original invoice to your nearest Sanity store.

Note: Shipping charges will only be refunded in the case of a Sanity.com.au error. If you have changed your mind about your online purchase, all return shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.