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Shipping Availability

Shipping Availability

How soon will my order be shipped? And what happens if it the item is no longer available?

The shipping times of items at are indicated on the details page of each item. This is only an estimate and not a guarantee, but it is a good indicator of when you can expect your order to be shipped.

'In Stock' means that at the time of browsing there is stock available to fulfil an order. However if your order consists of multiple units of one title; or another customer has the same item in their basket and reaches the checkout earlier the in stock message may be incorrect. If you have any enquiries on our in stock position you can email or ring us (02 9774 8396) and our friendly team can answer any questions. makes every effort to fulfill all orders placed. However, we cannot guarantee the in-stock position at any of our suppliers and occasionally we are informed a title is no longer available. If this is the case we will notify you via email and remove the title from the website. You will not be charged for unavailable items as payment is only processed when goods are shipped.

Below is a brief explanation of our shipping timeframes:

  • IN STOCK. Ready To Ship:
    This item is in stock with sufficient quantities to meet regular demand.
  • Usually ships with 2 - 5 days:
    This item is not stocked on a regular basis but is usually available from our suppliers and should be shipped within two working weeks.
  • Usually ships within 10 - 40 days:
    This item has a low inventory and may not be in stock when you place your order. As soon as we receive stock from our supplier, we will ship your order; however, cannot guarantee the in-stock position at any of our suppliers.
  • Pre-Order Now:
    This item is not yet released, however you can place a pre-order to secure a copy. We endeavour to ship pre-order titles before the release date to allow delivery time but with selected titles and suppliers this is not always possible. Pre-orders will not be charged until items are shipped.
  • Special order:
    This item is an import. Availability of import items is difficult to predict. We cannot guarantee how long it will take to fill an import order, as our suppliers are all over the world and item availabilities vary. But we will update you regularly on your order's status and if you have not received an import within 40 days, you have the option to cancel or continue to wait for your order.