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Wanderer by Stephen Pigram

Format: CD
Release Date: 22/03/2013
Catalogue No. SPCD12013
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From Broome’s legendary Pigram Brothers comes the debut solo album from Stephen Pigram. Enlisting the aid of old friend and producer Kerryn Tolhurst (who produced the "JIIR" album for Broome's Pigram Brothers) ten new songs are featured on "WANDERER". In addition to Stephen's vocals, guitar and ukelele performances, the album features cameos by special guest musicians including Jim Conway, Alan Pigram, Lucky Oceans, Broderick Smith and Kerryn Tolhurst
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 Stephen Pigram
 Compact Disc
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Track Listing


1. Crocodile River
2. Walking Blues
3. Sashimi Brain
4. World is Turning
5. Being
6. Long Long Way
7. Too Much More to Say
8. Mimi
9. Last Minute Man
10. Wanderer