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Museum by Ball Park Music

Format: CD
Release Date: 05/10/2012
Catalogue No. SSM36
SKU No. 2214711

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Sometimes a second album just appears effortless. In what seems like no time at all, Brisbane’s Ball Park Music is proud to announce the impending release of their second full-length album Museum on October 5. Inspired by the swift turn around in which the likes of The Beatles would deliver new records every six to 12 months, frontman Sam Cromack issued his band of cohorts a challenge to release another album within the year of Happiness and Surrounding Suburbs. However, being the prolific perfectionist Cromack is, the album bears no resemblance of something rushed. Museum is an assured and cohesive piece like no other Ball Park Music release before, making good on the promise shown ever since their debut EP in 2010.

 Emi Music Australia (Via Edc)
 Ball Park Music