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Batman: The Brave And The Bold; S2 P1 V1

Batman: The Brave And The Bold; S2 P1 V1

Format: DVD
Release Date: 05/10/2011
Catalogue No. R-115888-9
SKU No. 2202745
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Batman delivers two-fisted justice on land, by sea, and in space in this action-packed volume!

Batman and fellow DC Comics Super Heroes give evil a one-two punch in this sophomore season of the fun witty and suspenseful TV series! This thrilling volume features Batman teaming with the Green Lantern Corps Aquaman Plastic Man Blue Beetle and Green Arrow to fight the forces of evil. Villains from the ruthless Ra’s Al Ghul to the stellar-powered Evil Star and the time-travelling Per Degaton push Batman and his crime-fighting compatriots to their limits.

Go along with Batman through 6 action-packed episodes that reveal justice is truly blind... as a Batman!

 Batman: The Brave And The Bold; S2 P1 V1
 Voices; Diedrich Bader
 Roadshow Entertainment