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Battlestar Galactica; S4

Battlestar Galactica; S4

Format: Blu-ray
Release Date: 12/08/2009
Catalogue No. 8271915
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All will be revealed as the thrilling final episodes of Battlestar Galactica land on Blu-ray. From their initial action-packed battles against the Cylons to their desperate attempts to find the fabled 13th colony, Earth, a determined band of human survivors has captivated audiences everywhere with their desperate quest to find a new home for their dwindling numbers. Join them now as the fleet journeys into the furthest reaches of unexplored space and faces a crucial decision that will change all of their lives irrevocably.

Relive the anticipation, the action and the excitement of this groundbreaking series.

 Battlestar Galactica; S4
 Edward James Olmos
 Universal Sony Pictures