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Action Adventure Kids Collection

Action Adventure Kids Collection
Format: DVD
Release Date: 12/07/2007
Catalogue No. EAG2062
SKU No. 2095801

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The Legend of Pirate's Point:Ten year old Ray daydreams of Pirates and imagines himself caught and condemned to death... then in the spirit of adventure he escapes and defeats his captors. With his best friend, Bobby, they read about a legendary pirate in the local library. They discover that a decendant of the pirate actually lives in town and the two boys set about finding him. Of course the story wouldn't be complete without a crook - the kids sus out and expose him, learning in the process that true friendship is the greatest treasure of all. Heaps of fun and excitement for all.The Robin Hood Gang:The attic of Brad (Clayton Taylor) and Franky's (Steven Losak) apartment building holds a suitcase full of cash. Now these two good-hearted Robin Hoods are on a mission of mercy to save some needy neighbours with gifts of money. But the suitcase belongs to a bank robber and the two young heroes must figure out a way to capture the thief and return the money while saving their neighbours one last time.Moto X Kids:Evan Hanson, a motocross coach who continually turns out champion riders; Things seem to be going his way, until an unfriendly motorcycle gang starts trying to take over the track that Evan's students practice on. Evan's efforts to retain the track come to a head when it's decided that the winner of a single race will decide who controls the land; the unbeatable Evan thinks the race is in the bag until his star rider is injured just days before the event.
 Action Adventure Kids Collection
 Gryphon Entertainment
 Lindsay Frost, Roscoe Detroit, Keith Allison, Sam Gifaldi, Gary Hudson, Marvin J. McIntyre, Asher Metchik, William Morgan Sheppard, Brittany Alyse Smith, Lionel Mark Smith
 Children & Family,
 251 minutes
 Medium Level Violence, Adult Themes