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Exit Ghost

Paul Haslinger

CD  |  Dance  |  07 Feb 2020

Exit Ghost | CD


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Paul Haslinger Exit Ghost CD




It's a strange betweenworld, bookended by sleep and the jolt of being wide awake in a place where you wonder how you got there. You know the feeling. It seems familiar but the colours are, well, unreal. In a high-ceilinged room, a grand piano plays lush melodies as, meanwhile, somewhere, an Alice In Wonderland clock ticks, cellos are bowed, a swarm of something vibrates and the hallucinatory crowd around Rosemary's Baby babble. An echoey electronic hum builds and falls like a 50s refrigerator passed through and effects board, things run backwards, staccato strings are plucked. and that's not the half of it.


Title: Exit Ghost

Format: CD

Release Date: 07 Feb 2020

Artist: Paul Haslinger

Sku: 2455884

Catalogue No: AIRCD001

Category: Dance



1. The Faltering Sky

2. Intrinsic

3. Room 3

4. Exit Ghost

5. Valse I

6. August 2-22

7. Berlin 86-11

8. White Sun

9. Mayerling

10. Ferndell