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Guy Sigsworth

CD  |  Classical  |  17 May 2019

Stet | CD

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Guy Sigsworth Stet CD




You know Guy Sigsworth, even if you don't know him.  Whether it's through his work with Björk, Madonna, Britney Spears, Seal, Talvin Singh, or dozens of others, Guy Sigsworth has produced some of the most pioneering artists of the last two decades, and for the very first time he has written, recorded and produced  his own record!

'stet' is a blend of the conceptual & the emotional. Guy is really inspired by very conceptual musicians like Ryoji Ikeda, Alva Noto and Autechre: artists who make fascinating sonic discoveries at zero degrees Kelvin. But as Guy puts it  “I know that, however much I might fancy myself as a severe experimentalist, I'm really a big softie, and I can't thrive for long without melody.” You can hear a contrast between the computer-made  & the handmade all across the album.
Stet is a defining statement from an artist who has spent a career at the front line of the last two decades of musical history.
On the closing track Sigsworth enlists his longtime friend and collaborator Imogen Heap (the two of them formed Frou Frou), who sings lyrics written by Okinawan musician Mika Uchizato.


Title: Stet

Format: CD

Release Date: 17 May 2019

Artist: Guy Sigsworth

Sku: 2418858

Catalogue No: 6739361

Category: Classical



1. Sing [Featuring Imogen Heap]

2. Barely Breaking Even [Vocals: Anil Sebastian]

3. Khöömei

4. Prayer Wheels

5. Memento (For D)

6. Lydian [Featuring Anil Sebastian]

7. Kotekan (For J)

8. Kitsune (For B)

9. Aeolian [Featuring Martin Grech]

10. Night Song

11. Un coup de dés (For Keith Collins)

12. Nirai Kanai

13. Nocturne (For Leila Arab)

14. Dorian [Featuring Anil Sebastian]

15. Mono No Aware

16. Shurayo [Featuring Imogen Heap]