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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

29 Apr 2022
Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas at Sanity!


With Mothers Day just around the corner, it can be hard to pin down the perfect gift for mum. There’s just so many options out there and just such little time. Wouldn’t it be easy to have all these gifts in one easy location? Well guess what, it is that easy with Sanity’s wide array of gifts ranging from homewares, to movies, to music to even board games. There’s just so much to love. So today, I am breaking down the top 10 gifts to get your mum this Mother’s Day let’s do this! 


Downton Abbey Boxset - One of the biggest shows of the past 15 years has been Downton Abbey. There is no denying the show's pop culture relevance and the impact it has made. The show's success speaks for itself with 15 Emmy Wins from over 40 nominations. Absolutely massive. You can now own the 6 season show in its entirety on either DVD or Blu-Ray. The set is stacked full of special features including, but not limited to, behind the scenes featurettes, cast and crew interviews, commentaries and much, much more. This is the ideal gift for mum this Mother’s Day. If she hasn’t seen the show before, chances are she will love it and if she has seen it before then I guarantee you’ve heard her talk about how much she loves it! This is the perfect gift idea this Mother’s Day! 

Buy Downton Abbey Seasons & The Boxset here!


Love Actually Monopoly - Love Actually has become every mums favourite Christmas movie. They’ll all tell you how horrible Alan Rickman’s Harry is and how charming High Grant's portrayal of the British Prime Minister is. It’s just the facts of life. But now, the film has transcended the holiday season and can be played all year around in Monopoly form. That’s right, Love Actually, is actually a Monopoly board game now and is the perfect idea for your Mum this Mother’s Day. Filled with references for all the die hard fans out there and chock full of nostalgia, this is one for fans of the film! 

Buy Monopoly - The Love Actually Edition here!


Best F*cking Mum Ever Mug - If you’ve left things very last minute or you’re a little strapped for cash this Mothers Day, there is still the perfect present for you to get her. That’s right, for just $9.99 you can get mum the ‘Best F*%#ing Mum Ever’ mug. This mug is a bit of fun but also shows just how special she is to you. Not for the faint of heart, but defiantly for the edgier mums out there. I’m sure your sense of humour will be greatly appreciated with this gift. It’s funny and will give your mum something to talk about with her friends or at work and for such a low, low price, you can’t lose! 

Buy The Best F*cking Mum Ever Mug here!


Marry Me DVD or Blu-Ray -The Rom-Com genre has been mostly relegated to the pit of Netflix these days, with very few rom-coms getting the cinematic treatment. However, in 2022, we did with the release of ‘Marry Me’ starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Lopez. This film sees Owen Wilson’s Charlie inadvertently married to Jennifer Lopez’s pop superstar, ‘KAT’. The film is filled with charm and a lot of laughs. I had a great time watching it and think that all the mums will get a kick out of it. It’s the perfect film to get your mum this Mother’s Day. Rom-Coms are back, bigger and dare I say better than ever. 

Buy Marry Me on DVD or Blu-ray here!


3 For $30 - Puzzles - If your mum is anything like mine, then the chances are she loves a good puzzle. Sanity’s massive selection of puzzles rank among one of the best collections I’ve ever seen. There’s so many out there to choose from. You will find yourself getting lost viewing all of them. From puzzles of your favourite films and tv shows to puzzles of gorgeous locations, amazing scenery and some of the biggest landmarks across the world. There’s definitely a puzzle for everyone and with Sanity’s amazing 3 for $30 deal, you will get great value for money! Have fun choosing. 

Buy 3 Puzzles for $30 here!


For The Girls Game - For The Girls the adult card game is a very different card game. From the creators of ‘Cards Against Humanity’ this game sees some very interesting topics (some that you would never discuss with your Mother) brought up. It’s the perfect game to get your mum to play with her friends. It might even encourage your Mum to host a few game nights with her friends.  It’s one of the better games out there for sure and makes for a great gift for mum this Mother’s Day. 

Buy For The Girls Card Game here!


Candle In A Can (Cookie Scented) - Candles are a go to for mums on Mother’s Day. Chances are you’ve bought her a few. They all become one insane after a while. This year, but hey something different with the Candle in A Can, cookie scented version. This candle is a great idea for mums, it’s something completely different and above all else, it smells like cookies! This is the perfect, quirky gift for mum this Mother’s Day that she will love! 

Buy The Cookie Scented Candle In A Can here!


Friends Forever (Hardcover Book) – I am sure like my Mum, your Mum would love a good book, especially one that highlights something they truly love. This book highlights the greatest moments in one of the most iconic tv shows of all time with ‘Friends’. The books break down the show, breaking down episodes by exploring behind the scenes stills, quotes and comments from the stars. This is a great coffee table book and a great collector’s item for fans of the show. It allows you to explore the show without watching it and sometimes that is a lot of fun, especially as you can insert your own memories of watching these episodes for the first time whilst reading it. This is a must-have for fans of the show and would make a great gift for Mum this Mother’s Day.  

Buy The Friends Forever Book here!


Volcanic Room Diffuser – I feel like everyone’s Mum loves a bit of interior decorating. I know my Mum is an absolute sucker for anything that can be placed on display. The Volcanic Room Diffuser ceramic stone Diffuser is the perfect gift for Mum this Mother’s Day. With various different scents you can buy, this is perfect, you can buy your mum a diffuser that is very personal. The perfect gift!

Buy The Volcanic Room Diffuser here!


My Retro Vinyl Player Value Bundle Boxset – Try saying this one 5 times fast! The ‘My Retro Vinyl Player Bundle Boxset’ is the perfect gift idea for Mum this Mother’s Day. The set contains a suitcase style turntable, built-in speakers, LPs from the sixties, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. This is an amazing set, well worth your time! One of the best sets available and it is a Sanity exclusive. All of this goodness for under $200. An absolute bargain.

Buy The Retro Vinyl Player Bundle here!


Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be a drag. There are that many great gift ideas on Sanity’s newly launched website that makes it 10 time easier. Be sure to head on over to Sanity today in-store or online to get the best Mother’s Day gifts today. Christopher Pattison wrote this blog post for Sanity.

Check out the Mother's Day Catalogue full of gift ideas here!


Christopher Pattison wrote this blog post for Sanity. See more from Chris here

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