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Shadows (BONUS SIGNED COPY + POSTCARDS) by Rachael Leahcar

Format: CD
Release Date: 07/04/2017
Catalogue No. FANFARE283
SKU No. 2329771
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Rachael Leahcar Shadows CD

Order your copy online to secure a signed copy and three photocards! Only available while stocks last!

"I’m overjoyed to finally share this publicly after so many years of writing.

On Shadows, you’ll discover a collection of memories, stories and pieces of me. I wrote most of them on my beloved piano or guitar, and recorded the vocals at my home studio provided by Greg and Ingrid (ma and pa). A smile worn in happiness, a tear fallen in sadness, a frenzy of notes from frustration or elation and a spattering of words from love or heartbreak.

I write songs to connect with people and help them through each phase of life, as music has always helped me. Featuring snatches from various genres, I feel I have found my true voice, and I want to share it far and wide."

Rachael Leahcar first melted the hearts of Australia as a finalist in 2012’s premiere season of The Voice, where she finished 3rd. Since then she has released three Top 10 Aria Albums. With her new release, Shadows, Rachael reveals her growing confidence as a songwriter and showcases a young woman who is prepared to stand before the world, on her own as a performer.

 Sony Music Australia
 Rachael Leahcar
Track Listing


1. No More Little Girl
2. Where You Are
3. Shadows
4. Sweet Child O’ Mine
5. Sewn
6. Beware The Wolf
7. The Air That I Breathe
8. Taste Of The Grapevine
9. Money Changes Everything
10. What They Don’t Tell You
11. Somebody To Love
12. Little Lady