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Hard Light by Travis Collins

Hard Light
Format: CD
Release Date: 06/05/2016
Catalogue No. 4777432
SKU No. 2309437
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Hard Light Travis Collins Album Cd

Travis Collins is set to release his new album, HARD LIGHT, this May. Already known for such stellar albums as Start The Car (2006), No Boundaries (2007), Travis Collins (2011) and the #1 country album Wired (2015); the latter spawned two #1 country singles, ‘Curves’ and ‘Boots On’.

HARD LIGHT moves everything up a gear. It’s as if the 2004 Starmaker winner has found something deep inside himself as a writer that has elevated HARD LIGHT up into to that rarefied terrain that very few records ever get within coo-wee of.

 Hard Light
 Universal Music Australia
 Travis Collins
Track Listing


Just Another Girl
Hometown Calling
Shifting Sand
Call Me Crazy
Right Now
The Bottom Of It
It Was Wheels
What Happens On The Road
Rattle My Cage
The First Time
High Waisted Jeans
Beer Can