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Underbelly Boxset; S1-4 (Excludes VIC)

Underbelly Boxset; S1-4 (Excludes VIC)

Format: DVD
Release Date: 01/12/2011
Catalogue No. R-112284-9
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The compelling dramatisation of Melbourne's infamous gangland killings, which also depicts the rise and fall of career criminal Carl Williams who sought to be the king of Melbourne's underworld.

Underbelly - A Tale of Two Cities
A generation before the Melbourne Gangland Wars, an even bigger crime wave rocked Australia. Hard drugs hit Australia like a tsunami. Drug money flooded the underworld. With the new money came a new breed of hard men and beautiful women. This is their story...

Underbelly - The Golden Mile
Set in Kings Cross, Sydney, The Golden Mile was run by the "Black Empire" from 1988 to 1999. Dominated by criminals and shady characters, the Golden Mile was observed by police, both corrupt and straight. In 1995, the Wood Royal Commission fought to take control of this infamous territory using the strongest and most honorable forces.

Underbelly - Razor
This is the birthplace of organised crime in Australia - before Gangitano, Moran and Mr Asia, Australia's underbelly was ruled by the deadliest crime lords ever- women! Welcome to the decadent and deadly world of Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine, two legendary vice queens bound by their hatred for each other. Kate and Tilly reigned over rival empires built on gambling, prostitution, drugs, extortion and murder. Their battle for supremacy left a scar on Australia's history and became our nation's first bloody war. As gang fought gang, criminal turned on criminal and Kate and Tilly finally faced each other, the streets ran with blood and everyone would feel the cut of the razor. Let the bloody good times roll...

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 Underbelly Boxset; S1-4 (Excludes VIC)
 Vince Colosimo
 Roadshow Entertainment