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Peaceful Times

Peaceful Times
Format: DVD
Release Date: 04/05/2011
Catalogue No. MMA8087
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Leaving the East was the least of their worries...

Germany, 1963. Irene and Dieter, together with their children Ute, Wasa and Flori, have fled East Germany for the freedom of the West. But while Dieter takes to the liberty of the capitalist West like a duck to water, Irene is left floundering: unhappily longing for her regimented existence in the East, she is petrified of a Russian invasion and suspicious of the women in Dieter's new life. Sensing their parents' unhappiness, Ute, Wasa and Flori embark upon a scheme to make everybody happy: unaware of what it is, they decide that their only option is for their parents to get a divorce, so they start their plan...
 Peaceful Times
 Madman Entertainment
 98 minutes
 Mild Themes
 Madman Films
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