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And Then We Dance by Justice Crew

And Then We Dance
Format: CD Singles
Release Date: 27/08/2010
Catalogue No. 88697784462
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Dance troupe and winners of Australia’s Got Talent 2010, Justice Crew, will release their debut single “And Then We Dance” on August 27th! Hailing from the western suburbs of Sydney, the 9 piece troupe danced their way into the hearts of the Australian public during the 2010 season of Australia’s Got Talent. Justice Crew are Lukas Wildrok, Omar Kamara, Samson Cosray Smith, Solo Tohi, Len John Ruela Pearce, John Len Ruela Pearce, Emmanuel Rodriguez, Paul Eric Merciadez and Anastasios Tass Repousis

Beyond jaw dropping shows featuring world class dance styles and incredible athleticism, there is another dimension to Justice Crew. With all nine members having come from very humble backgrounds, it is now their collective vision to use music and dance to empower future generations with the will to dream big. The troupe have set up and conduct Justice Academy Inc, a program which helps young Australians work on their self confidence and team building skills by holding free dance workshops and classes. Currently “Little Justice” the 5- 9 year old graduates from this program are competing in the LA World Hip Hop competition.

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