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Wings by Delta Goodrem

Format: CD Singles
Release Date: 24/07/2015
Catalogue No. 88875136622
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Written by Delta, with Australian co-writers /producers DNA, Wings is a beautifully conceived song that harnesses Delta’s natural instrumental ability with her soaring powerful vocals to create a positively charged pop single.

“I wanted to make sure I had a song that incorporated all the things that make me feel like a powerful woman… you always want a song to represent where you are now,” explains Delta. “I feel like the most important thing is, Wings just feels fresh. The meaning of the song is about looking for new horizons, everybody is looking for a second chance.”

“I wanted Wings to convey that liberated feeling: with a bit of wildness meets a bit of letting go… That's been a big theme, where I've kind of let a lot go. These ‘wings’ are made to fly!”
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 Delta Goodrem
Track Listing


1. Wings
2. Wings – Alastor's Gun Metal Angel Extended Club Mix