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All You Need Is Rock N Roll - The Complete Albums 1985-1991

White Lion

CD  |  Metal  |  29 May 2020

All You Need Is Rock N Roll - The Complete Albums 1985-1991 | CD

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White Lion All You Need Is Rock N Roll - The Complete Albums 1985-1991 CD




White Lion originally formed in 1983 when Danish singer Mike Tramp moved to New York City and teamed up with guitarist Vito Bratta, later joined by James Lomenzo on bass and Greg D'Angelo on drums. Mike Tramp and Vito Bratta would make a strong and consistent writing team throughout White Lion’s brief career.
Releasing their debut “Fight To Survive” (CD1) independently in 1985, the band’s fortunes really took off once they were snapped up by Atlantic Records to release second record “Pride” (CD2) in June 1987. As lead single ‘Wait’ began to pick up plenty of airplay, as well as heavy rotation on MTV, hitting No. 8 on the US Billboard Hot 100, the platinum album peaked at No. 11 in the US. There was further US chart success with the singles ‘Tell Me’ (No. 58) and ‘When The Children Cry’ (No. 8). The bonus tracks included here are ‘Wait’ (Extended Remix), ‘When The Children Cry’ (Edit), ‘All You Need Is Rock 'N' Roll’ (LP Version With Intro Edit), ‘All You Need Is Rock 'N' Roll’ (Short Version) & ‘Tell Me’ (Edit).
Touring heavily, opening for Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, KISS and AC/DC well into 1988, White Lion released the third record, “Big Game” (CD3) in August 1989. As per “Pride”, “Big Game” was produced by Michael Wagener, reaching No. 19 in the US charts. As well as the singles ‘Little Fighter’ and ‘Cry for Freedom’, the album featured a cover of Golden Earring’s hard rock staple, ‘Radar Love’. ‘Cry For Freedom’ (Edit) is included as a bonus track.
This time produced by Richie Zito (Poison, Mr. Big, Elton John, Cher, The Cult & Bad English), fourth and final LP by the original, “classic” line-up of White Lion released “Mane Attraction” (CD4) in 1991. Although “Mane Attraction” can sit proudly alongside their two previous albums for Atlantic, like many of their contemporaries who found fame, fortune and platinum sales in the 1980s, White Lion were beginning to look and sound a little out of step at the beginning of the new decade, as grunge would wipe away many bands of a more glam-based nature. They would soldier on into 1992, before calling it a day. “Mane Attraction” also now features ‘Lights & Thunder’ (Edit).
Versions of White Lion would periodically be formed by frontman Mike Tramp, but sadly not capturing the peak of their Atlantic years. The fifth disc captures the band doing what they did best, performing their melodic hard rock Live (CD5) on stage, with a set that includes live versions of &lsquo


Title: All You Need Is Rock N Roll - The Complete Albums 1985-1991

Format: CD

Release Date: 29 May 2020

Artist: White Lion

Sku: 2467470

Catalogue No: QHNEBOX135

Category: Metal



1. Broken Heart     

2. Cherokee            

3. Fight To Survive 

4. Where Do We Run             

5. In The City          

6. All The Fallen Men             

7. All Burn In Hell   

8. Kid Of 1000 Faces              

9. El Salvador         

10. The Road To Valhalla

11. Hungry             

12. Lonely Nights

13. Don't Give Up               

14. Sweet Little Loving      

15. Lady Of The Valley      

16. Wait  

17. All You Need Is Rock N Roll      

18. Tell Me             

19. All Join Our Hands       

20. When The Children Cry

21. Wait (Extended Remix) 

22. When The Children Cry (Edit) 

23. All You Need Is Rock N Roll (LP Version With Intro Edit) 

24. All You Need Is Rock N Roll (Short Version)

25. Tell Me (Edit)

26. Goin' Home Tonight   

27. Dirty Woman 

28. Little Fighter  

29. Broken Home

30. Baby Be Mine

31. Living On The Edge      

32. Let's Get Crazy              

33. Don't Say It's Over       

34. If My Mind Is Evil         

35. Radar Love   

36. Cry For Freedom

37. Cry For Freedom (Edit) 

38. Lights And Thunder

39. Broken Heart

40. Leave Me Alone

41. Love Don't Come Easy

42. You're All I Need

43. It's Over

44. Warsong

45. She's Got Everything

46. Till Death Do Us Part

47. Out With The Boys

48. Blue Monday

49. Farewell To You

50. Lights & Thunder (Edit)

51. Hungry

52. Dont Give Up

53. Lonely Nights

54. Sweet Little Loving

55. Broken Heart

56. Fight To Survive

57. Tell Me

58. All Join Our Hands

59. Wait

60. Lady Of The Valley

61. The Road To Valhalla

62. All You Need Is Rock N Roll

63. When The Children Cry

64. Little Fighter (Live In Rehearsal 1991) 

65. When The Children Cry (Live In Rehearsal 1991) 

66. Don't Give Up (Live In Rehearsal 1991)