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Not All The Albums Again - 40th Anniversary Edition

Not The Nine Oclock News

Vinyl  |  Comedy  |  13 Dec 2019

Not All The Albums Again - 40th Anniversary Edition | Vinyl


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Not The Nine Oclock News Not All The Albums Again - 40th Anniversary Edition Vinyl




Celebrating 40 years since the ground-breaking comedy series arrived on BBC TV, this box set features all the much-loved sketches from the classic show on three separate discs: 'Not the Nine O'Clock News', 'Hedgehog Sandwich' and 'The Memory Kinda Lingers', along with the live stage show 'Not in Front of the Audience'. Among the many famous sketches included are David Bloody Attenborough (aka Gerald the Gorilla), Points of View, General Synod's 'Life of Python', Constable Savage, University Challenge, Hi-Fi Shop, That's Lies, Not The Parrot Sketch, Open Marriage, Question Time, Game for a Laugh, Two Ninnies, McEnroe's Breakfast, What a Load of Willies, The Pope's Visit, Simon and Garfunkel, and The Return of Constable Savage.


Title: Not All The Albums Again - 40th Anniversary Edition

Format: Vinyl

Release Date: 13 Dec 2019

Artist: Not The Nine Oclock News

Sku: 2445080

Catalogue No: DEMRECBOX44

Category: Comedy



Death of A Princess (An Apology)

The Gorilla Interview

Confrontation Song

Airline Safety

National Wealth Beds

Simultaneous Translation

The General Synod’s “Life of Python”

The Ayatollah Song


Points Of View

Rowan’s Rant

Stout Life

Gob On You

Gay Christian

Final Demands

I Like Bouncing

Oh! Bosanquet!

I Believe


Loyal Apology

News Summary

Constable Savage

Baronet Oswald Ernold Mosle

University Challenge

(I Like) Trucking

Sir Robert Mark

Hi-Fi Shop

England My Leotard


Political Obit

The Main Points Again

Bad Language

Gift Shop

Hedgehog Apology

Supa Dupa

Soccer Violence

(Because I’m) Wet And Lonely (Barry Manilow Song)

That’s Lies

Creed (The New Revised Version)

I Believe (The Reagan Song)

The Aide

The Main Points Again

Not The Parrot Sketch

Open Marriage


And Finally…


The Spy Who Came In The Cold

The News

(Sig Tune)


Question Time


Rock Interview

Game For A Laugh

Typical, Bloody Typical

Well, Mr. Glossop

Financial Times

Hey Bob

(Sig Tune)

New Glea

Holiday Habits

Pizza Moment

Failed in Wales

Rumbley’s Pies

Made From Whales

Brain Death

Swedish Chemists

Hey Wow

(Stop Whinging)

Nice Video, shame About The Song


Golf Trousers

The News

Roland Davies

Two Ninnies

Two Ninnies Song

Aussie Pilot

Does God Exist?

Re-Altered Images

McEnroe’s Breakfast

Ah, Come In Rawlinson!

Ask The Family

Polish Show

Ode To Poland


The Main Points Again

(Sig Tune)

What A Load Of Willies!

(The Memory) Kinda Lingers

Grow Up You Bastards