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Thunderbirds Are Go Series 2

Soundtrack: Ben Foster And Nick Foster

CD  |  Soundtrack  |  06 Sep 2019

Thunderbirds Are Go Series 2 | CD

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Soundtrack: Ben Foster And Nick Foster Thunderbirds Are Go Series 2 CD




ITV's Thunderbirds Are Go is now screened in more than 40 countries worldwide. This third compilation from the series features music from Series Two.


Facing the daunting task of following in the footsteps of the original and prolific Thunderbirds composer Barry Gray, composing duo Ben and Nick Foster have followed the same route employing a full symphony orchestra , adding modern touches to bring the sound completely up to date but retaining reverence for the original. The music from the series has previously received a BAFTA nomination.


Ben is a three times BAFTA nominated composer whose scores include Torchwood, Hidden Kingdoms, Happy Valley, Our Girl and as an orchestral arranger and conductor for 99 episodes of Doctor Who. Brother Nick is a BAFTA winning composer whose work includes The Cube and Derren Brown Specials.


Title: Thunderbirds Are Go Series 2

Format: CD

Release Date: 06 Sep 2019

Artist: Soundtrack: Ben Foster And Nick Foster

Sku: 2433954

Catalogue No: SILCD1604

Category: Soundtrack



1 TV-21

2 Thunderbirds March

3 Surveyor Located

4 Ray Mechas

5 The Mechanic

6 International Rescue vs The Mechanic

7 The Jeff Tracy Fix

8 I Am The Mechanic

9 Welcome Back Ned

10 Maximum Max

11 Sorry Dad / Epilogue

12 Lovely Day for A Massive Drone Malfunction

13 Mission On

14 Trying To Rescue Fischler

15 A New Home

16 Bay City

17 The Sunken Mansion

18 Here To Take You Home

19 Parker Foils The Mechanic

20 Gold Rush

21 Warning Shot

22 Stealth Shadow / Crash Landing

23 Visiting Hours

24 Eating Dust

25 The Whole World's Gone Bananas

26 How Fast Can You Run ?

27 A Really Big Hole

28 Mechanic Jailbreak

29 The Hood Makes His Escape

30 An Anomaly In Space

31 A Really Big Ball Of Water And Rock

32 Giving The Comet Another Push

33 Global One

34 Thunderbird Three Inside The Comet

35 Rogue Loading Claw

36 Heavy Lifting

37 Orchestra Hits

38 Atlantis

39 The Lost Kingdom