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Easter is Cancelled - Deluxe Edition

CD  |  Books  |  04 Oct 2019

Easter is Cancelled - Deluxe Edition | CD


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The Darkness




The Darkness Easter is Cancelled - Deluxe Edition CD




The Darkness are joyous warriors, here to prick the pompous and kick the arses of those who seek to destroy us. Easter Is Cancelled sees the four maestros embark upon their most ambitious quest to date with their musical opus soon to be thrust into the ear canals of rock fans around the globe, and a tour that will quite literally resurrect the souls of all who attend.

Join The Darkness in their mission to take back control from the fools and liars who purport to lead us, and instead march forwards into the sunlit uplands of inclusivity, togetherness and rock’n’roll fellowship.


Title: Easter is Cancelled - Deluxe Edition

Format: CD

Release Date: 04 Oct 2019

Type: The Darkness

Sku: 2432583

Catalogue No: COOKCD736X

Category: Books



1. Rock and Roll Deserves to Die

2. How Can I Lose Your Love

3. Live ‘til I Die

4. Heart Explodes

5. Deck Chair

6. Easter Is Cancelled

7. Heavy Metal Lover

8. In Another Life

9. Choke On It

10. We Are The Guitar Men

11. Laylow

12. Different Eyes

13. Confirmation Bias

14. Sutton Hoo