High Expectations


CD  |  Pop  |  02 Aug 2019

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High Expectations | CD

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Mabel High Expectations CD




Mabel’s debut album, ‘High Expectations’: a record - and a state-of-mind, in many ways - that she has worked towards her whole life (even getting the title tattooed phonetically on her neck when she first thought of it two years ago, knowing firmly that it would never change).

Still aged just 23 years old, the twice-Brit-nominated artist has already sold over 3.5 million singles in the UK (three platinum, three gold, and two silver), surpassed 1 billion streams, and sold out the likes of Brixton Academy.

Across her formative singles and first long-form project, ‘Ivy To Roses’ (which also went silver), Mabel has written with startling candour on young love, identity, girl power, and mental health - topics which are taken to greater heights on ‘High Expectations’. And on that road to her first record, Mabel’s music has become a soundtrack – for her impassioned young female fanbase, but also for herself – on how to turn those vulnerabilities into your advantages.

‘Talking about it really does give you a kind of confidence,’” Mabel says now, “and that’s new for me. If you’re really going to make a record that talks to people you have to sit and pick at old wounds – put everything under a microscope. I would’ve loved that from my heroes when I was kid. That dream of pop stars having a perfect life has gone for our generation.”
Stripping away music’s artifice while keeping true to its giddiness and excitement is Mabel’s special gift. Out of some troubling times she has fashioned a sensational, fizzing debut record, a blue-chip British album which can sit proudly on a global stage next to The Weeknd, Ariana, Drake and whatever Queens B and R have in mind for their 2019. In mood, if not exactly in sound, it has some of the complete realisation of early TLC or Aaliyah, had they spent their teenage years in Sweden, Malaga, or the backstreets of West London.

The calling card of ‘High Expectations’ is the brusque, street charm that hides in plain sight among its hooky gloss, and anchors the album’s core theme of expectations (those as a woman; of love; of others; and ultimately of yourself).  “I want to send a positive message to everyone that’s going to listen to it. I’ve gained so much confidence from writing this album and that’s what I want people to take away.”


Review of Mabel - High Expectations by Thomas Bleach

Mabel is an artist that whose debut album has a lot of high expectations sitting around it. So it only seemed appropriate that she owned that sentiment and named the record just that. But it also cites an exploration for the high expectations she has in her personal life for love and her personal goals to succeed. Splitting the album up into different segments through the use of interludes, Mabel soothingly sings about her dark thoughts in an honest and refreshing way. But its the outro that leaves the perfect last impression on the listener. “The higher up we go and the farther we climbing, the more there is to lose” she confesses on the vulnerability she is unravelling as she is falling in love and opening herself up to someone new. Giving the trust to the other person she declares; “I got high expectations. You gonna have to get this right” in her typical sassy and honest fashion which captures the whole attitude of the record. There is pure emotion and there is also a playful wit that comes from her personality and branding. ‘Don’t Call Me Up’ is the albums strongest pop moment closely followed by the singles ‘Mad Love’ and ‘Bad Behaviour’ which have a unique energy about them, but there are also some other future hits amongst the collection. ‘FML’ is super strong and will become a fan favourite while ‘Selfish Love’ and ‘Put Your Name On It’ both scream future hits with their infectious and memorable hooks. Their rhythmic vibe perfectly continues the sound she’s cemented with her RNB-pop fusion. Stripping this sound back slightly to give you more of a relaxed RNB delivery, ‘We Don’t Say…’ and ‘Trouble’ are very strong but it’s the relatable ‘Ok (Anxiety Anthem) that tackles her insecurities and mental health issues in a relatable way. Continuing the honest and free flowing nature of the soothing delivery, ‘I Belong To Me’ is the heartbreak anthem you deserve to blast and cry to. It’s an empowering moment of realising that you were yourself before that person and you will be yourself after them. They never owned you, and that’s the sort of self-love we need in our lives. From start to finish, ‘High Expectations’ does live up to those expectations. It’s exactly what you expected from her. It’s soulful, playful and real and will allow her to continue touring the world with those big singalong moments.

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Title: High Expectations

Format: CD

Release Date: 02 Aug 2019

Artist: Mabel

Sku: 2430419

Catalogue No: 7779872

Category: Pop



1. High Expectations (Intro)

2. Bad Behaviour

3. Dont Call Me Up

4. FML

5. We Dont Say

6. Selfish Love

7. Lucky (Interlude)

8. Mad Love

9. Trouble

10. Put Your Name On It

11. Stckhlm Syndrome (Interlude)

12. OK (Anxiety Anthem)

13. I Belong To Me

14. High Expectations (Outro)

15. Finders Keepers

16. Fine Line

17. My Lover

18. Ring Ring

19. Cigarette

20. Not Sayin