Dog Metal


CD Singles  |  Rock/Pop  |  07 Feb 2009

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Dog Metal | CD Singles

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TOMBSLAM - DOG METAL is the recoding from a jam session with Nick Chandler, Alvin Duffin, and Bones Martin. We, being well experienced travelers of the nether regions of the mind, met at Sound Level studio one Monday evening, took on board a liberal dose of Dr Leary's magic mind fuel, and crossed from the everyday Ox-tel fantasy into the reality of pure tonal vibration. Alvin, (drums), provides the power, a calm relaxed power that is the heartbeat of creation for the journey. Nick, (bass), interprets the raw rhythms, using desert dub and HQ/V8 reliability to transfer the power through the split second gear changes the sonic environment requires for survival of the vehicle during the journey. Bones, (guitar), surfs the rhythms erratically, a manic wheelman steering into the maelstrom, narrowly avoiding the pitfalls of fear and smirking as we negotiate the gnashing rocks of ego. The vocals (Bones) were added during mixing, as was the dubbing (Nick). The tapes were then buried in an unknown place to cool. Ten years later – it is now ready to be for you what it was for us on that stormy evening, that is, to be the vehicle to transport the mind to a place where rhythms form the landscape, tones are the weather, and sonic surfing is the game. TOMBSLAM is: Nick Chandler – bass, dub mixing Alvin Duffin -- drums Steve (Bones) Martin – guitar, vocal, production Chris White -- engineer


Title: Dog Metal

Format: CD Singles

Release Date: 07 Feb 2009

Artist: Tombslam

Sku: 2121905

Catalogue No: GOB008

Category: Rock/Pop

Disc Count: 1

Transfer Format: Unspecified

Video Format: Unclassified

Primary Audio: GOB008

Language: 9324690033430

Subtitles: MGM Music