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Eco Zen


CD  |  Music  |  29 Aug 2013

Eco Zen | CD


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One World Music’s newest release, Eco-Zen is all about re-connecting with the world around us. Promoting the challenging message that for too long we’ve been over-stimulated, blinded and numbed by a frenetic swirl of images and messages that assault us everywhere we go in our daily lives. We’ve switched off that magical part of us that connects us to the greater consciousness, that little part within us all that unites us with every other person around us – humanity. Inspired by the desire to awaken our senses through thoughtful and beautiful music from all over the globe Eco-Zen sets out to shake us from our reverie, to ignite that spark within each of us. With our eyes open again we can see what’s happening to our world and become a part of the solution. CD1, compiled by Leigh Wood, is a diverse blend of soulful melodies fused with hypnotic beats. From the delicate and beautiful ‘Weebles Fall’ by Slovo to the urban electronics of Coda’s ‘Super Pod’, each track brings with it a greater sense of awareness. Gentle acoustic meanderings flow into intricate and lushly produced tracks like ‘Journey’ by Nitin Sawhney, and then to the bustling inner city landscapes painted by Melbourne’s Amanaska, this music is as contemporary as it is vital. Compiled by UK DJ/Journalist Ben Mynott CD2 is deep, intense and hypnotic. Sparse soundscapes that give space for thought and contemplation give way to melodies sublimely woven together in this more intimate collection of global harmonies. A perfect compliation for a sunday afternoon chill-out session or dinner party/bbq get together... Published Reviews ECO-ZEN – (9/10 wine bottles) 'Soulful melodies, blissful beats, ambient vibrations, sounds from all over the globe. A very cool universal chillout disc to suit lots of venues.'... Menu Magazines 'The latest release in the Zen series, ECO ZEN is on e of the best chill-out CDs I have heard in a very long time. It takes you on a mystical journey to a place that you imagine being a mix of India, Thailand, and Morocoo. With wonderful vocals and inspiring soft beats that come together magically, its no wonder the album has been given so much acclaim. All i need now is a Lychee and Lemongrass martini and I'm in heaven'. JW. Hilton Australasia Magazine '...a fine blissed-out chilled down mix of global sounds. Global is local, local is global and Eco Zen is an uplifting showcase of this ethic well chosen and unobtrusively mixed. Two discs that can indeed soothe the battered soul'. Chris Peken, City Hub Perfect for dance weary bodies…skip the mediation classes and take 60 with this quality local compilation’ 3D World ‘Eco-Zen is a double CD treat that provides a harmonic, sympathetic sanctuary from the very real strains of everyday life’ Wellbeing Magazine ‘One of the best chill-out CDs I have heard in a very long time’ Hilton Magazine ‘Despite how different each song is, they really do make you feel relaxed and alive. Here’s an album that supports you and the environment, in addition to the music these are two good reasons for buying it.’ Conscious Living Magazine 2006 Eco Zen is a collection of lazy, blissful beats and ambient vibrations to offer solace, calm and energy to recharge. Professional Beauty Magazine 2006 ‘Better than Buddha Bar or Cafe Del Mar, this beautifully packaged 2CD set is winner from start to finish.’ Nature & Health Magazine 2006


Title: Eco Zen

Format: CD

Release Date: 29 Aug 2013

Artist: Various

Sku: 1200561

Catalogue No: OWM004

Category: Music

Disc Count: 2



Slovo – Weebles Fall

Nitin Sawhney – Journey

Mr Untel – The Day The Sun Exploded

Kaya Project – From Mumbai

Blutopia – Morocco

Christophe Goze – Dream (Paul Higgs remix)

Si*Se – More Shine

CODA – Super Pod

Amanaska – Circles

Moodfood – Drift

Laroca - La Doleur Exquise

Angel Tears – Gone With The Wind

Battistessa – Let it Go (RKW mix)

Omnimotion – Ton Image


Fredrik Ohr - Mixed Up

Cities Of Foam - Under Stars

Adham Shaikh - Sabadhi

Digitonal - 93 Years On

Flipside - Andante (For Frederik)

Elektroheadz - Out Of Asia (Sunset Mix)

Lost - Bye Bye

Animat - All Is Well (Digitonal Mix)

Jefferson feat. Sarah-Jane - Feeling The Sun

T.Kolai - Congo (Fragile State Mix)

Bliss - The Return

Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle (Jim Noir Mix)