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Why Action Movie Fans Need To Buy Ambulance on DVD, Blu-ray or 4K UHD!

07 Jun 2022
Why Action Movie Fans Need To Buy Ambulance on DVD, Blu-ray or 4K UHD!

Why Action Movie Fans Need To Buy Ambulance on DVD or Blu-ray!

Very few directors understand action like Michael Bay. The man knows exactly how to get your blood pumping and produce some of the best action sequences ever put to film, whether it be the carnage and destruction from the Transformers films, or the edge of your seat suspense of The Rock and 13 Hours. His latest film ‘Ambulance’ produces the ladder, with one of the most nail biting experiences I have had from a Michael bay directed film in recent years. He puts the audience in the front seat, (no pun intended), creating tension and suspense from a relatively simple, heist gone wrong, premise. It’s an art in itself to create something so tense, but Bay goes one step further and adds his signature style or, ‘Bayhem’ if you will, to the film to make it something else entirely. Its true artistry in itself really. To celebrate the film’s release on DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K Ultra HD (UHD), I am going to tell you why ‘Ambulance’ is a must have for action fans. So, without further ado let’s go!


The action set-pieces – Bay is no stranger to destruction. As mentioned above, he is the king of it, with his own sub-genre and style coined ‘Bayhem’. ‘Ambulance’ is no exception. Whilst based around the heist genre, the film is very different, focusing heavily on the destruction of the streets of downtown Los Angeles, caused by the fallout of the heist gone wrong. Bay employs sweeping camera angles of Downtown LA, showcasing the stunts on display and the destruction, with plenty of close-ups of our characters' faces and epic car chase sequences that rank among some of the best ever put to film. The attention to detail is insane and the grit created in these sequences is truly nail biting. If you aren’t a die-hard fan of Bay’s but love action films, this may just be his best since ‘The Rock’. You have to check it out, even for the amazing action set pieces.


The cast – Another hallmark of a Michael Bay directed action film; is the cast he manages to assemble. Jake Gyllenhaal, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Eiza Gonzalez round out our trio of leads, and all three are fantastic in the film, adding gravitas to the film's plot and truly grounding it in reality. Gyllenhaal in particular shines here. He is at a heightened level of intensity throughout the entire film, bringing a level of intensity which helps elevate the material to a new level. Yahya Abdul-Mateen II is also fantastic, backing up his incredible performance in last years ‘Candyman’ with yet another memorable turn as the film's moral centre ‘Will Sharp’, brother to Gyllenhaal’s Danny Sharp. He gives the film another dimension, making you understand why he would take this job and commit the crimes he is. The film would fall flat without the sharp (again, no pun intended), juxtaposition of these two brothers. It’s a nice touch and provides audiences with more than one reason to check out the film.


Michael Bay’s direction – As mentioned, Michael Bay knows his way around a film set. He produces some of the best looking, best constructed action films ever to grace the silver screen. ‘Ambulance’ is no different. Bay manages to put the camera right in the middle of the action, with the camera holding tight on cars during some of the amazing car chase sequences, putting the audiences right amongst the action. We get reaction shots from our cast, which again grounds the film amongst the chaos and action. Bay has also always surrounded himself with talented crew members as well, specifically those working in the VFX and sound departments. The sound design here is incredible, with every explosion felt and composer Lorne Balfe populating these incredible sequences with an amazing, pulsating score. Bay’s supervision over his films, allows the audience to be swept away in the action, giving you over 2 hours of pure cinematic joy, whilst also leaving you on the edge of your seat.


‘Ambulance’ is a terrific action thriller. With amazing action, fantastic performances and that Michael Bay charm, or ‘Bayhem’, that audiences are looking for. ‘Ambulance’ arrives on DVD, Blu-Ray and 4K UHD June 22, head on over to your local Sanity or online to pre-order your copy today, you won’t want to miss out on this one, it’s a must own! Christopher Pattison wrote this blog post for Sanity.


Buy Ambulance on DVD, Blu-ray or 4K UHD here!

Christopher Pattison wrote this blog post for Sanity. See more from Chris here

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