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3 Of The Goriest Movies Ever

16 Apr 2021
3 Of The Goriest Movies Ever

As a horror-buff, I am known to be a bit of a gore-hound as well. Gore, if used appropriately and sparingly can be a huge benefit to a film. It can help convey brutality, horror and prove to be memorable as well. There have been some great uses of gore throughout the years, each film listed here I believe has used gore to its benefit. Here are the movies I believe are the goriest, most bloody, and downright entertaining, but for very different reasons.

Steven Spielberg’s ‘Saving Private Ryan’ might just be the goriest war film out there. The film opens on one of the most impactful sequences ever put to film. The film opens showing the brutality of war as the American troops arrive at Omaha beach and are torn to pieces by weapons in a brutal fashion. This sequence is filled with gore, but Spielberg uses this to showcase the horrors of war and the impact of these deadly weapons. The sequence is brutal but and downright memorable. This is a great example of how gore can be used to the benefit of a film.

Sam Raimi’s The second ‘Evil Dead’ film is one of the goriest films ever made. A strong argument can be made for the 2013 remake as well; however, I am choosing ‘Evil Dead 2’ for how memorable the film is. Raimi uses a lot of practical gore effects here, with buckets of blood being used as Ash dismembers the dead with his trademark chainsaw. Spitting one-liners throughout, providing levity amongst the complete and utter carnage. This is an example of how gore can be used to showcase, horror but also in a comedic and timely fashion.

My third and final pick for the goriest films is actually a recent entry with James Mangold’s 2017 masterpiece, ‘Logan’. For years, comic book fans have been requesting a gorier representation of Wolverine aka Logan and in 2017 we got that. When you put into perspective that a superhero with metal claws pultruding through his knuckles is fighting people, there is sure to be blood, and in 2017’s ‘Logan’, that is exactly what we got. Filled with fantastic gore effects and brutality, ‘Logan’ is a satisfying example of the use of blood and gore. ‘Logan’ dismembers villains left, right, and center.

These three films are among the goriest out there, but the gore is used for the purpose and to tell their respective stories. I believe if used appropriately, gore is an important element of the film.

Have I convinced you? Here are the links to check them out - Saving Private Ryan DVD, Evil Dead Legacy Collection DVD & Logan DVD.

Christopher Pattison wrote this blog post for Sanity.

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