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Plains Of Nappa Merrie by Graham Rodger

Plains Of Nappa Merrie
Format: CD
Release Date: 31/03/2017
Catalogue No. AM0014
SKU No. 2332167
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Graham has made a huge impact on the country music industry and his name has become synonymous with the writing and recording of high quality Australian ballads. Keeping Australia and Australians as the major themes for his ballads ensures that Graham upholds the traditions cemented into our culture by the late Slim Dusty. Slim was one of the many within the industry who acknowledged Graham's exceptional writing skills and was pleased on several occasions to record his material. One of the most notable was “You Can’t Take Australia From Me”. The conviction and the emotion with which he sings his ballads are some of the tools he uses to whisk you away into his world. Like any good story teller he encapsulates you so you feel and live the story he is telling.

 Plains Of Nappa Merrie
 WJO Distribution
 Graham Rodger
Track Listing


1. Doing My Best To Make It Home Tonight
2. The Plains Of Nappa Merrie
3. Our Love Will Always Live
4. The Roadway Of My Years
5. When The Desert Flowers Bloom
6. He Looked To Be Australian To Me
7. Addicted To My Cat D9
8. The Pub With No Town
9. Woman Of The Outback
10. The Homesick Boomerang
11. The Beauty That Is You
12. No More Waltzing Matilda