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Endless by Tale of Us

Format: CD
Release Date: 31/03/2017
Catalogue No. 60254797050
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Looking forward to a unique synthesis of electronic sounds, strings and piano tracks, Deutsche Grammophon announces the release of an album by the world-acclaimed producers and DJs, Tale Of Us.

Following in the footsteps of Brian Eno, Roedelius, Popol Vuh and Kraftwerk, Tale Of Us create a haunting mix of otherworldly textures and melodies embedded in a contemporary sound. Since their childhoods, classical music has had a great significance for both Matteo Milleri and Carmine Conte. This release will introduce fans to this life-long passion for the first time.

Inspired by a whole generation of dance music producers and DJs, Tale Of Us took the club scene by storm with remixes of songs by Maceo Plex and Caribou; awarded 3rd place in Resident Advisor’s annual DJ poll.

Endless opens up a new chapter in their discography, blending genres of classical, ambient, film and electronica into spatious, atmospheric soundscapes; full of emotional and existential content. Endless offers a profound insight into human life, at its most radiant and happy, as well as its darker moments, drifting through highs and lows of harmonic richness.

 Universal Music Australia
 Tale of Us
Track Listing


1. Definizione dell’impossible
2. Alla sera
3. Ricordi
4. Oltre la vita
5. Dilemma
6. Notte senza fine
7. Destino
8. Distante
9. Venatori
10. Quello che resta