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Essential Rose Tattoo by Rose Tattoo

Essential Rose Tattoo by Rose Tattoo

Format: CD
Release Date: 23/08/2013
Catalogue No. 88883774882
SKU No. 2229940
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In the category of cult bands, Rose Tattoo has been at the top of the pile for years.

The raw style of blues rock that the Australians manage to create out of a hot mix of slide guitars, pounding hooks with sharp and tight rhythm along with the unmistakable voice of Angry Anderson is what gives fans a welcome feast.

18 classic tracks from Rose Tattoo including Rock n Roll Outlaw, Bad Boy For Love and We Can’t Be Beaten to name a few.

 Essential Rose Tattoo
 Sony Music Australia
 Rose Tattoo
Track Listing


1. Bad Boy For Love
2. Nice Boys
3. The Butcher And Fast Eddy
4. Astra Wally
5. Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw
6. Assault & Battery
7. Suicide City
8. Chinese Dunkirk
9. Rock 'n' Roll Is King
10. Juice On The Loose
11. Dead Set
12. Branded
13. Texas
14. Who's Got The Cash
15. All Hell Broke Loose
16. Never Too Loud
17. Scarred For Life
18. We Can't Be Beaten