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Twentysomething; S2

Twentysomething; S2

Format: DVD
Release Date: 07/08/2013
Catalogue No. R-113872-9
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Series 1 of TWENTYSOMETHING ended with Jess (Jess Harris) and Josh (Josh Schmidt) throwing caution to the wind and departing on a big overseas adventure. However, when the pair return home in Series 2, they discover that everyone's moved on - including Jess's on and off again boyfriend Billy (Hamish Blake).

With the looming reality of thirtysomething, and Jess not being able to pull off wearing pigtails any more, this series sees the characters pursue a life beyond get-rich-quick schemes by finally asking the fundamental question: What are we destined to do?.

With broken limbs, broken hearts, robberies, insurance scams and at home courtroom dramas all creating hilarious bumps in the road to self-discovery, Jess and Josh might be getting older, but they will always refuse to grow up.

 Twentysomething; S2
 Jess Harris
 Roadshow Entertainment