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Inside/out by Sleep Parade

Format: CD
Release Date: 05/07/2013
Catalogue No. SP2013
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INSIDE/OUT is the new album from Sleep Parade… and it is nothing short of a tour de force. From the epic rifforama of opener Devil’s Door, blissed-out rock brawn of Oxygen and 2.09, soaring pop splendour of Footsteps, through the Stratocastic chops and sanguine lead lines of their startling first single, Dancing With The Enemy, one thing is clear: Sleep Parade have not only stepped up but the band are now a completely different beast. Gone are the sprawling prog influences of their first record: instead, revamped and revitalised, Sleep Parade have now matured into a sophisticated, harmony -heavy rock band whose multi-layered songs have been painstakingly crafted.

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