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Breaking Bad; S4

Breaking Bad; S4

Format: DVD
Release Date: 28/03/2012
Catalogue No. DP15983
SKU No. 2202878
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In Season 3's finale, Jesse (Aaron Paul) was on the run, with Mike (Jonathan Banks) in hot pursuit, while Walt (Bryan Cranston) negotiated for his life with Gus (Giancarlo Esposito). In a desperate attempt to escape certain death, Walt concocted a disturbing plan — kill his former lab assistant Gale — to provide for his and Jesse’s safety. The scheme ultimately forced Jesse to Gale’s doorstep with a gun while Walt was held hostage in the Superlab. This season, Walt and Jesse must cope with the fallout both personally and professionally.

Tension mounts as Walt faces a true standoff with his employer, Gus, with neither side willing or able to back down. Walt must also adjust to a new relationship with Skyler (Anna Gunn), whom while still reconciling her relationship with Walt, is committed to properly laundering Walt’s money and ensuring her sister Marie (Betsy Brandt) and an ailing Hank (Dean Norris) are financially stable.

 Breaking Bad; S4
 Bryan Cranston
 Universal Sony Pictures
Track Listing


Box Cutter
Thirty-Eight Snub
Open House
Bullet Points
A Look At Season 4
Unanswered Questions
The Look Of The Superlab
Skyler Gets Her Purse
Jesse Riding Go Kart
Gale’s Karaoke Video
The Science of a Hit Show
Superlab Tour
Problem Dog
The Car Explosion
Go Ahead Kid
You Want Me To Actually Pay?
Cast Chemistry
Color Me Bad
The White House
Walt & Jesse’s Fight
Design of the Superlab
Tour of the Superlab with Propmaster
Gag Reel
Crawl Space
End Times
Face Off
Jesse’s House
Better Call Saul: Fatty Fat Fat
Better Call Saul: Fighting For You!