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Empires Of Death by 4arm

Empires Of Death
Format: CD
Release Date: 09/04/2010
Catalogue No. 4ARM02
SKU No. 2148376

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4ARM delivery is distinctive, explosive and musically aggressive." Hailed as "Groove- Core", 4arm's sound amalgamates the deranged volatility of Slipnot, frenetic twistednesss of Slayer, blunt force of Machine Head, headbending riffs of Metallica and the trademark ball-grinding groove. 4arm are: Danny Tomb (vocals and guitars), Michael Vafiotis (drums), Andy Hinterreiter (bass) and Johnny Glovasa (lead guitar). 4arm are endorsed by ESP, Mesa Boogie and Randall. The Empires of Death is their second studio release, picking up where 13 Scars left off.

 Empires Of Death
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