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Bride Wars

Bride Wars
Format: DVD
Release Date: 03/06/2009
Catalogue No. 38690SDO
SKU No. 2124526
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Even best friends can't share the same wedding day.

Two best friends become rivals when they schedule their respective weddings on the same day. In Manhattan, the lawyer Liv and the school teacher Emma have been best friends since their childhood. They both are proposed to by their boyfriends on the same day and they plan their wedding parties in Plaza Hotel, using the services of the famous Marion St. Claire. However, due to Marion's secretary's mistake, their weddings are scheduled for the same day. None of them agrees to change the date and they become enemies, trying to sabotage the wedding party of the rival.
 Bride Wars
 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
 Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, Bryan Greenberg, Chris Pratt, Steve Howey, Candice Bergen, Kristen Johnston
 89 minutes
 Coarse Language
 Three Deleted Scenes, 1. Alternate Opening, 2. Blue Hair & Bedazzler, 3. Liv Finds Bedazzled Dress, Featurette - The Perfect White Dress