Future Teenage Cave Artists


CD  |  Alternative  |  19 Jun 2020

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Future Teenage Cave Artists | CD

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Deerhoof Future Teenage Cave Artists CD




"Deerhoof is a weapon loaded with the future." - Agust n Fern ndez Mallo, Spanish physicist and writer. Over the past couple of years while making their new album, Deerhoof have been asking themselves if there was any music they could create that expressed how our rapidly emerging future might actually feel. The band envisioned an album about people haunted by memory of a lost world and of every failed attempt to save it.

People already living outside the system, already having practiced new ways of life required for survival-these hopeful heroes are Deerhoof's inspiration. These are the Future Teenage Cave Artists. Faithful listeners will recognize a certain alienated but transformational figure who shows up in Deerhoof songs going back to their earliest days. Take the narrator of "The Perfect Me" from 2007's Friend Opportunity: an orphaned but eager soul attempting to entice other wounded wanderers who might lack a home, a clan, a family, a history. But on Future Teenage Cave Artists our protagonist is threatened by terror lurking around every corner.

Add to that the fact that our 'cast-off queen,' our 'maniac,' our 'terrible daughter' is watching themselves get orphaned in real time, by an older generation in power that would seemingly rather see life on Earth destroyed than let go of archaic systems of capital.


Title: Future Teenage Cave Artists

Format: CD

Release Date: 19 Jun 2020

Artist: Deerhoof

Sku: 2512553

Catalogue No: JNR331CD

Category: Alternative



1. Future Teenage Cave Artists

2. Sympathy For The Baby Boo

3. The Loved One

4. O Ye Saddle Babes

5. New Orphan Asylum For Spirited Deerchildren

6. Zazeet

7. Fraction Anthem

8. "farewell" Symphony

9. Reduced Guilt

10. Damaged Eyes Squinting Into The Beautiful Overhot Sun

11. I Call On Thee