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Court of the Dead - Skratch & Riazz Statue Set

Merchandise  |  Figurines & Statues  |  11 May 2020

Court of the Dead - Skratch & Riazz Statue Set | Merchandise

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Sideshow is excited to present the purrrfectly deadly Skratch and Riazz Statuette from our new Court Critters Collection. Riazz and Skratch are original characters from Sideshow’s own dark fantasy horror property, the Court of the Dead.

Riazz is the feline familiar to The Great Osteomancer, Xiall. As leader of the Faction of Bone, Xiall must be the very image of precision and structure. It is Riazz who expresses all that Xiall would never allow herself to feel. 

Skratch is a playful hound and the faithful companion to Oglavaeil, Death’s Executioner. Due to the dark duties he is obligated to fulfill, Oglavaeil is often innardlorn, drawn into his own tempestuous thoughts. Skratch keeps him grounded and present in the ever-fleeting moments of joy that punctuate his otherwise burdensome work as the Underworld's executioner. 

You don’t have to dig deep to know that the Court Critters: Skratch and Riazz Statuette will add whimsy to your Court of the Dead collection.


Title: Court of the Dead - Skratch & Riazz Statue Set

Format: Merchandise

Release Date: 11 May 2020

Type: Statue: Court Of The Dead

Sku: 2432527

Catalogue No: SID700142

Category: Figurines & Statues