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CD  |  Dance  |  17 May 2019

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Langata | CD

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Crooked Colours




Crooked Colours Langata CD




Check out Crooked Colours' sophomore album - Langata!


Review of Crooked Colours - Langata by Thomas Bleach

It’s post summer and let’s be honest, you don’t really want the summer to end but you’re also in a weird state of reflection where you’re thinking about everything that happened over those sun-soaked couple of months and are ready to re-evaluate where you’re heart is mentally and physically heading towards. That’s where moody electronic music helps. The dreamy sound waves of Crooked Colours perfectly soundtracks the vulnerability of reflection whilst the beat heavy production will have your body moving and heart racing. ‘Langata’ is the Perth trio’s second studio album and hears them perfecting the moody and dark electronic sound that their debut album ‘Vera’ introduced. Following in the footsteps of Rufus Du Sol, these guys create an atmospheric collection that is brief in duration but impactful with it’s delivery. Lead singles ‘I’ll Be There’, ‘Hold On’ and ‘Do It Like You’ are the bold radio ready tracks that have been energy builders in their live set for Groovin The Moo. But the album dives deeper with some more surprising moments. ‘Heart String’ is a funky little moment that has this slightly heart racing rhythmic beat which is complimented by their dreamy harmonies. “We’ll do a little bit of dancing. A little bit of romancing. Come a little closer. Make a little love”. It has an intoxicating feeling which will have you falling into the storyline that is followed up by ‘Just Breathe’ and ‘Mirror Ball’. They get experimental on the catchy ‘I C Light’ which will instantly become a fan favourite and I can only imagine that a trippy light display for their live show will be added for this song. Title track ‘Langata’ is festival vibes to the max and is worthy of being a future single along with the vibey Ladyhawke collaboration ‘Never Dance Alone’. But they surprisingly close the album with the slowest and moodiest track they have ever released. ‘Lose Someone’ is a vulnerable track that reflects on the disbelief and hurt of losing someone close to you. It’s a dark and low moment which leaves you in heavy reflection which was the ultimate goal of this record. ‘Langata’ is a vibey record and after a first listen you will want to dive back into that state of reflection again. They perfectly balance the vulnerable storylines with experimental and DIY infused beats which are intriguing and intoxicating.
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Title: Langata

Format: CD

Release Date: 17 May 2019

Artist: Crooked Colours

Sku: 2418716

Catalogue No: SWEATA014

Category: Dance



1. I’ll Be There

2. Do It Like You

3. Heart String

4. Just Breathe

5. I C Light

6. Hold On

7. Langata

8. Mirror Ball

9. Never Dance Alone (Feat. Ladyhawke)

10. Lose Someone