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Storyland | Audio Book

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‘This land is a forever land. The clock ticks to a different time.’ Set on the banks of Lake Illawarra and spanning four centuries, Storyland is a remarkable and moving novel about who we are and our connection to this land. Telling the stories of five very different people, Storyland weaves together a compelling narrative. In 1796 Will Martin, a young cabin boy, goes on a daring voyage of discovery with Matthew Flinders and George Bass. In 1822 a desperate ex-convict, Hawker, commits an act of terrible brutality, and in 1900 Lola is running a dairy farm with her half brother and sister, when they come under suspicion for a crime they did not commit. In 1998 Bel goes on a rafting adventure with her friends and is unexpectedly caught up in violent events, and in 2033 Nada sees her world start to terrifyingly collapse. Intriguingly, all these characters are connected – not only through the land and water they inhabit, but also by tendrils of blood, history, memory and property … Thrilling and ambitious, Storyland tells no less than the story of Australia – and it is an unforgettable, thought-provoking and powerful account of our history, our present and our future.

Title: Storyland

Format: Audio Book

Release Date: 28 Sep 2018

Type: Catherine Mckinnon

Sku: 2384405

Catalogue No: 9781460798744

Category: Audio Books