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I See You Among The Stars

Jessica Risker

CD  |  Childrens  |  04 May 2018

I See You Among The Stars | CD


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Jessica Risker I See You Among The Stars CD

Psychedelic folk is starting to become sorely missed.

The sub-genre has never not been a staple in the diets of most record collectors. It proves its timelessness with each passing year, defying the laws that chain most other styles to their respective eras. As everything else ages, psych-folk darts in and out of decades, covered in the residue of each, but not necessarily beholden to the tropes of any single one, appearing new and welcome each time.

On I See You Among the Stars, Chicago sound-weaver Jessica Risker is nudging the category back into plain view, setting a proper place for it at the table in 2018 and beyond.Comprised of eight aural vignettes, I See You Among the Stars is a wood-grained, amber-hued world respectfully orbiting influences like Nick Drake, Sibylle Baier, and the softest moments of Broadcast.

Paisley fabrics fade beneath an uncovered window, while dust and smoke billowgently through the sunbeams that never fully reach the dark half of the room.


Title: I See You Among The Stars

Format: CD

Release Date: 04 May 2018

Artist: Jessica Risker

Sku: 2373217

Catalogue No: WV166CD

Category: Childrens



1. I See You Among the Stars

2. Cut My Hair

3. Anyway When I Look In Your Eyes

4. Zero Summer Mind

5. Shallow Seas

6. Reassign Me

7. A Cooling Sun

8. Help Me Help Me