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Star Wars - Our Top Favourite Moments

28 Apr 2021
Star Wars - Our Top Favourite Moments

With May 4th mere days away, it’s that time of year we revisit our favourite movie series about a galaxy far far away. 

Star Wars is iconic, plain and simple. Watch as we countdown our top 5 favourite Star Wars moments of all time. 

Warning: Major spoilers ahead.

Number 5 - The Final Duel (Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith)

Love or hate the prequels, there is no doubt that there are moments in them that are awe inspiring. The final duel of Revenge of the Sith is an example of one of these moments. Pinning master against padawan, this scene was 3 films in the making. After watching Anakin Skywalker’s unsettling, & at times, terrifying transformation into a sith lord, he is finally confronted by Obi-wan Kenobi & the result is one of the saga’s most epic lightsaber duels. The constant threat of demise, enhanced by Ewan McGregor’s performance makes this a Star Wars moment that won’t soon be forgotten.

Number 4 - Kylo kills Snoke (Episode 8: The Last Jedi)

Star Wars is controversial. Moreso in recent years. This fact is perfectly exemplified by the 8th entry into the saga, Star Wars: The Last Jedi. As controversial as this film is though, there is a scene that is simply too good to ignore. After The Force Awakens, we are left with two main questions… Who are Rey's parents & who is Supreme Leader Snoke? This film answers the latter. He is unimportant. However, this revelation only comes after he is murdered by Kylo Ren in an almost perfect way (not to say there is a perfect way to murder someone though). This entire scene screams Star Wars & is iconic because of it.

Number 3 - Chewie, we’re home (Episode 7: The Force Awakens)

The Force Awakens gave Star Wars fans something special. Another look at their favourite characters from the original trilogy. We got Han, Chewbacca, Lea and Luke, but most importantly… we got the millennium falcon. A character in of itself, this “piece of junk” never felt truly whole while it had Rey & Finn at the helm. Luckily for us, this emptiness was soon perfectly filled when Han & Chewie walked through the door. A truly amazing Star Wars moment, with so much nostalgia & so much heart, wonderfully contained within Han’s simple “Chewie… we’re home”. This moment will, no doubt, bring a smile to your face time and time again.

Number 2 - The trench run (Episode 4: A New Hope)

The first Star Wars film was visually stunning, action packed and gave birth to a historic franchise. This had a lot to do with its climax. The scene’s tension fuelled its action and in turn, this action gave us some real stakes. I mean… the entire fate of the rebellion came down to this moment. Yet, in all this action, it took a moment of calmness & clarity to ensure victory for the rebels. Star Wars has always been about uniting as one & taking down the evil, repressive forces. And this scene captures all of this. From Obi-Wan connecting with Luke through the force to Han covering Luke as he finished off the Death Star, it’s clear. You can’t save the galaxy alone.

Number 1 - No, I am your father (Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back)

Not only is The Empire Strikes Back regarded as one of the best films in the Star Wars saga, it also contains one of the biggest twists in cinematic history. Darth Vader & Luke Skywalker are engaged in an epic lightsaber duel & once Vader gets a ‘hand up’ on the situation, the truth is revealed. Vader is Luke’s father. Like Luke, we are all left stammering as we try to piece together our blown mind. Not only did this twist answer an important question from the first Star Wars film, but it completely altered the rest of the saga. This moment forever changed Star Wars & without it, I very much doubt we’d still be celebrating these iconic films each May 4th.

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