Oddworld Strangers Wrath HD

Nintendo Switch  |  Platform  |  26 May 2020

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Oddworld Strangers Wrath HD | Nintendo Switch

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Oddworld Strangers Wrath HD

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath features a unique hybrid viewpoint that the player switches between first and third person at will, depending on their situation. First person for combat situations, third person for world traversal.

You can play through the game as a pacifist, capturing enemies and tying them up for greater rewards. Stranger himself is a troubled character, with a mysterious secret and an uncompromising approach to his mission. His Western aesthetic and dry wit make him an endearing character but he has no desire to be your friend there's a job to do!

A bounty hunter who refuses to use guns needs an alternative. Stranger's solution is to round up various types of critters and launch them at his enemies from his crossbow. Some types are angry little balls of fur and teeth, others are electrified, pack stingers, hit with a thud or have various other painful forms of punishment for Stranger's unfortunate bounty.


Title: Oddworld Strangers Wrath HD

Format: Nintendo Switch

Release Date: 26 May 2020

Type: Nintendo Switch

Sku: 2464467

Catalogue No: 153706

Category: Platform