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Spaceship Earth

Apositsia Orchestra

CD  |  World  |  23 Aug 2019

Spaceship Earth | CD

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Apositsia Orchestra Spaceship Earth CD




As with any improvisation and in particular with larger groups the possibility exists for it to be a total mess - un organized combinations of ideas or musicians competing with each other to be heard.

This recording you hold in your hands is a testament to the possibility of the opposite - 13 musicians of diverse backgrounds and styles working together in total harmony to create a real time composition with incredible focus and restraint. Each musician is free to create their own part but gives over control of when to play and the dynamics of their part to the conductor.

Famoudou Don Moye as conductor (as well as musician) is engaged in the same improvisational dance as the rest of the musicians, creating the score to the composition as it unfolds and so co creating the composition with the band.

The resulting blend - elements of african/american/european folk with experimental/electronic/avant garde, jazz, classical and rock - is a true kind of world music naturally derived un sanitized and without pretense.


Title: Spaceship Earth

Format: CD

Release Date: 23 Aug 2019

Artist: Apositsia Orchestra

Sku: 2430889

Catalogue No: CD-DG-179

Category: World