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Audio Book  |  Audio Books  |  16 Jul 2019

Minotaur | Audio Book

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Detective Sergeant Rick Zadow is angry, unmotivated, unwashed, unkempt, and almost entirely reliant on his guide dog, Scout, and voice-controlled personal assistant Siri to make it through each day: one a voice without a body, the other a body without a voice. Left blind after a bullet wound to the head two years before, he is caught up in a workers’ compensation battle between two psychiatrists – one acting for him, and one appointed by WorkCover – over how much compo he should be awarded. Reminders of his former life keep on tripping Rick up. His wife has moved out, and another former passion of his life – a legendary Ducati motorbike he was halfway through restoring – sits abandoned in the back shed. All of which is the background to the central story: the breakout from jail of the man who shot him, and who is seeking to finish the job … Part laugh-out-loud comedy, part deadly serious study of revenge, part love story, this unique novel from one of our finest writers is also a slow, crabwise journey of self-discovery. As Rick navigates his sense-world (smell, sound, touch, taste . . . and finally, sight), there is a sixth sense he must also learn to trust – his gut instinct – which might just turn out to be his best.

Title: Minotaur

Format: Audio Book

Release Date: 16 Jul 2019

Type: Peter Goldsworthy

Sku: 2426497

Catalogue No: 9780655615071

Category: Audio Books