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Apprentice Witch, The

Audio Book  |  Audio Books  |  01 Aug 2019

Apprentice Witch, The | Audio Book

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A special middle-grade debut of magic and courage in a world of witches.

Arianwyn has flunked her witch's assessment: She's doomed. Declared an apprentice and sent to the town of Lull in disgrace, she may never become a real witch – much to the glee of her arch-rival, Gimma.

But remote Lull is not as boring as it seems. Strange things are sighted in the woods, a dangerous infestation of hex creeps throughout the town and a mysterious magical visitor arrives with his eye on her. 

With every spirit banished, creature helped and spell cast, Arianwyn starts to get the hang of being a witch – even if she's only an apprentice. But the worst still lies ahead. For a sinister darkness has begun to haunt her spells, and there may be much more at stake than just her pride ... for Arianwyn and the entire land. 


Title: Apprentice Witch, The

Format: Audio Book

Release Date: 01 Aug 2019

Type: James Nicol

Sku: 2426026

Catalogue No: 9780655615286

Category: Audio Books