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CD  |  Metal  |  26 Apr 2019

Zenith | CD


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Enforcer Zenith CD




'Zenith' will, of course, bring joy to fans of fast-paced heavy metal hymns ('Searching For You', 'Thunder And Hell'), but the record offers way more: the band's new more epic approach delivers gems like the opening stomper 'Die For The Devil'.

'Zenith Of The Black Sun' starts off quite laid-back before speeding up towards an enormously melodic, playful outro. Track 4, 'Regrets', surprises with its little short romantic piano intro turning into a mesmerizing, unforgettable stadium rock anthem.

Up next is 'The End Of A Universe', another haunting, but definitely crushing piece, with the next stunner named 'Sail On' right around the corner, twisting the listener around its finger secretly. Orchestral elements garnish the follow-up 'One Thousand Years Of Darkness' and unveil another previously unheard side of the group.

Marching drums call time on 'Zenith' before the quartet 'Forever Worship The Dark' on track no. 9. The near 7 minute, brooding then crushing 'Ode To Death' finally rounds off this varied record...

With their 5-record song arsenal, extended by ten tracks like only Enforcer can craft them, the band is about to expand its audience once again by conquering the stages all around the globe. Appearances at prestigious festivals are confirmed, but there'll be way more shows, that's for sure! “Wherever you are, beware the 'Zenith Of The Black Sun',” Olof promises


Title: Zenith

Format: CD

Release Date: 26 Apr 2019

Artist: Enforcer

Sku: 2421247

Catalogue No: NB44900

Category: Metal



Die For The Devil

Zenith Of The Black Sun

Searching For You


The End Of A Universe

Sail On

One Thousand Years Of Darkness

Thunder And Hell

Forever We Worship The Dark

Ode To Death

To Another World (Bonus Track)