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Feminism for the 99%

Paperback Book  |  Reading  |  06 May 2019

Feminism for the 99% | Paperback Book


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Unaffordable housing, poverty wages, universal healthcare, police violence; not the issues you ordinarily hear feminists talking about. But why should feminism only deal with issues that impact middle-class women? For most of us for 99% of us 'leaning in' at our corporate board room meeting is not an option.
This is a manifesto for the 99%. Those for whom increasing the minimum wage and implementing universal health and childcare would have a far greater impact on their lives that having more women CEOs. It is a manifesto that demands an end to mass incarceration and inhumane border regimes, the provision of safe and truly affordable housing, freedom for Palestine, an end to imperialist wars in the middle-east and much more.
From three of the organisers of the International Women's Strike, this manifesto argues that these are all feminist issues. Feminism shouldn't start or stop with seeing women represented at the top of society. It should start with the 99%.

Title: Feminism for the 99%

Format: Paperback Book

Release Date: 06 May 2019

Type: Cinzia: Arruzza Tithi Bhattacharya

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Catalogue No: 9781788734424

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