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Hired History Plus

Fiat Lux

CD  |  Rock  |  19 Apr 2019


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Fiat Lux Hired History Plus CD




This 2 CD collection brings together the entire 1980’s recorded output of synth pop pioneers, Fiat Lux. The original Hired History album - and indeed all of the bonus tracks - are appearing on CD for the very first time.

Disc One features the band’s commercially released tracks including the band’s debut single for Cocteau Records and the five released by Polydor Records in a period spanning 1982-85.

Disc Two is the lost and previously unreleased second album Ark Of Embers as the band originally intended it when it was made with producer, Hugh Jones. This collection includes the following singles: Feels Like Winter Again released in 1982 on Bill Nelson’s Cocteau Records the A and B sides are featured.


Title: Hired History Plus

Format: CD

Release Date: 19 Apr 2019

Artist: Fiat Lux

Sku: 2418613

Catalogue No: CDBRED742

Category: Rock