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Murder, Misadventure And Miserable Ends : Tales from a Colonial Coroner's Court

Audio Book  |  Audio Books  |  18 Feb 2019


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Murder, manslaughter, suicide, mishap – the very public business of determining death in colonial Sydney.

Murder in colonial Sydney was a surprisingly rare occurrence, so when it did happen it caused a great sensation. People flocked to the scene of the crime, to the coroner's court and to the criminal courts to catch a glimpse of the accused.

Most of us today rarely see a dead body. In 19th century Sydney, when health was precarious and workplaces and the busy city streets were often dangerous, witnessing a death was rather common. And any death that was sudden or suspicious would be investigated by the coroner.

Henry Shiell was the Sydney City Coroner from 1866 to 1889. In the course of his unusually long career he delved into the lives, loves, crimes, homes and workplaces of colonial Sydneysiders. He learnt of envies, infidelities, passions and loyalties, and just how short, sad and violent some lives were. But his court was also, at times, instrumental in calling for new laws and regulations to make life safer.

Catie Gilchrist brings to life a city of laneways and hotels, morgues and circuses, and hopes and dreams cut short, to tell the story of life and death in colonial Sydney. 


Title: Murder, Misadventure And Miserable Ends : Tales from a Colonial Coroner's Court

Format: Audio Book

Release Date: 18 Feb 2019

Type: Dr Gilchrist Catie

Sku: 2409593

Catalogue No: 9781460799833

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