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Here Is Everywhere

Katrina Stonehart

Cassette  |  Alternative  |  09 Nov 2018

Here Is Everywhere | Cassette


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Katrina Stonehart Here Is Everywhere Cassette




Here is Everywhere is the third full length album from Drew Gibson (Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk, Solid Melts) under the moniker Katrina Stonehart and tracks an evolution for the project from patchworks of gorgeous dissonant noise to a more pastoral structured approach.

For those familiar with the language Chomp Womp RIP sums it up, it's a re-birth for Gibson. A record that will surely hold its' place in the cannon of underground experimental rock, at least as far as those who are in the know are concerned. Flowing from dimly lit candelabras to fuzzy melodic mountains the records slips in and out of the fog just long enough to leave an impression.

There's so many instruments working in perfect symbiotic harmony it's easy to lose yourself in the maze. That's Here is Everywhere's charm, the ability to evoke a mood, a time and place. It's like you could crawl inside and live here even if here is truly everywhere.


Title: Here Is Everywhere

Format: Cassette

Release Date: 09 Nov 2018

Artist: Katrina Stonehart

Sku: 2405549

Catalogue No: CS-FTK-139

Category: Alternative