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Game Genie


Cassette  |  Alternative  |  02 Nov 2018

Game Genie | Cassette


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Shnabubula Game Genie Cassette




Principally inspired by video game music of all styles and eras, Shnabubulas wide catalog encompasses instances of progressive synth composition, works for piano and digital orchestra, and cybernetic jazz fusion characterized by stunning harmonic and structural sophistication.

Game Genie's dense compositions, programmed in tracker editing software, trace serpentine paths through innumerable discrete melodic frameworks and soaring solos, bouncing over constantly fluctuating basslines and grids of meticulously calculated synthetic percussion. Animated by earworm melodies and on-a-dime transitions, Shnabubulas symphonic compositions contain enough detail to sketch out their own pixelated landscapes in the mind of the listener.


Title: Game Genie

Format: Cassette

Release Date: 02 Nov 2018

Artist: Shnabubula

Sku: 2405533

Catalogue No: CS-HAUSMO-80

Category: Alternative