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Return To Rosalee Station

Audio Book  |  Audio Books  |  22 Oct 2018

Return To Rosalee Station | Audio Book


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Can they find the path to forgiveness and healing? After eight years of marriage, Sarah Walsh had thought she and Matt would be together forever. But when a fatal accident serves up the cruellest punishment any mother could face, their relationship falters. Sarah is helpless as Matt flies off the rails – she braves one last-ditch attempt to try to make him see they need to work together to get through the heartache. But will it be enough? And what about her – how does she go on alone? Reeling from devastation and guilt, Matt gets the wake-up call he needs to save his marriage before it’s too late. But the way forward is littered with obstacles, and he can see it’s only by returning to the outback beauty and isolation of Rosalee Station that he has any chance to reclaim the man he once was. But will this separation end up costing him everything? Returning to the world of her best-loved debut novel, Mandy Magro creates a story of love and second chances, set deep in the heart of the Australian outback.

Title: Return To Rosalee Station

Format: Audio Book

Release Date: 22 Oct 2018

Type: Mandy Magro

Sku: 2395549

Catalogue No: 9781460799284

Category: Audio Books